Court Of Honor

How to Organize and Run a COURT OF HONOR

• Find out from the Advancement Chair what awards need to be given out and find a scout to give out each award. In our Troop we use scouts of equal rank to give out awards. For example, find a First Class scout to give out the First Class rank awards, etc. Use anybody, but check with members of your own patrol first. The Patrol is the service provider not just the Patrol Leader.

• Find a special and suitable ceremony for rank advancement. Woods Wisdom or the Internet are good sources.

• Choose a scout from the Service Patrol to act as the MC (Master of Ceremonies).

• Work with the Advancement Chair to consider special props for rank advancement. Do the scouts get new or differently colored neckerchiefs? Or a new troop shirt (after star)? Do new mothers have their Mother’s Ribbon?

• Work with the Advancement Chair to prepare the program – layout, duplicating, folding, etc.

Sample Program 1

Sample Program 2


• Coordinate with the Troop Historian to prepare the Slide Presentation. Who’s going to present? Historian or someone else with a particular interested in presenting the slide show. Setup a timetable to be complete and check often to make sure the slide presentation is ready. Make sure the person responsible for the presentation gathers all required equipment, arrives early to set up and does an equipment check well before guests and scouts arrive.

• Refreshments. Work with Advancement Chair to determine Troop assistance with this aspect of the Court of Honor. Are you going to have refreshments? What? How many to plan for? Do you need to collect money? When do you collect the money? How much? Arrange for someone to set up and clean up? Delegate this aspect. You will be busy at the same time.

• Assign someone to greet guests and distribute programs. They should arrive 15 minutes before guests and scouts arrive for the Court of Honor.

• Assign patrol members to Flag Ceremony duties. Coordinate with the Troop Bugler to perform.

• Schedule your patrol to arrive extra early to set up audience chairs. The more the better!

• Schedule your patrol to set up stage area with the head table, the Advancement Board, podium, Troop emblem, flag stands, and flags in back of audience for Flag Ceremony. Place any other stage pieces needed for the evening.

• Schedule your patrol and others attending to help with clean up and to return gear to storeroom, etc. The Troop meeting room, kitchen area, and storeroom should be clean before the patrol leaves.