Camping Information

The Green Trailer blending in to its surroundings.

The Green Trailer blending in to its surroundings.

Short-term & Long-term CAMPOUTS:
The boy leaders of the Troop meet once a year to plan the schedule for the upcoming year. Adult leaders attend the planning meeting as advisors. The boys schedule at least one activity per month. Many months have an overnight plus an extra activity such as a day hike or Scouting for Food. The Troop attends summer camp each year (generally alternating between in-Council and out-of-Council camps). High-adventure trips are planned based on the level of interest among the older Scouts and the availability of popular trips like Philmont.

If Scouts want to advance, go on outings. The troop plans a variety of outings each year. Scouts should participate in as many outings as possible. Advancement opportunities exist during most every outing. Sometimes sports or other activities conflict with meetings and outings. A healthy balance can be reached with prudent planning and organization.

Typical* Outing Depart/Return Times

*For all outings, please consult the outing signup sheets on the Troop bulletin board to determine the exact departure/return times.
Day OutingsSaturday
7:00 AM
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Weekend OutingsFriday
12:00 noon–1:00 PM


Food Purchase:

Each Scout attending a campout will contribute equally to the cost of the food with all members of his Patrol. Scouts are expected to pay their “grubmaster” prior to leaving for the outing. Cash is preferred, please bring small bills. No refunds will be given to a Scout canceling after his Patrol has purchased the food. Each Patrol is responsible for preparing menus, purchasing and bringing its own food. (Recipes are approved by Scout leadership.) On certain outings, food may be purchased on a whole-troop basis, in which case participating Scouts will pay their share of the food costs as part of the outing cost.


Parents’ Participation:

Parents are welcome to attend any and all outings and observe their sons from a distance. They must let the leadership of the Troop know before food is purchased exactly which meals and which nights they will be spending with the Troop. They will be charged for food on the same basis as other leaders. They will be part of the “Old Goats” Patrol at the campout, not their son’s Patrol.



The Transportation Committee arranges for enough drivers to bring Scouts to and from the campout. There must be enough room in vehicles for each passenger to wear a seat belt and enough room for the food and personal equipment for each participant. The St. Louis Area Council’s insurance policy requires that car insurance information be on file with the Troop before an outing. Parents are expected to be available to drive one way every other outing. Troop drivers are expected to obey all traffic rules.

See Transportation Guidelines for further information.

Unless otherwise notified, Troop 313 will leave together from the Des Peres City Hall at the specified time Friday evening or Saturday morning, per the announced schedule for the particular outing. Scouts should meet in the parking lot early enough to allow time to transfer gear to appropriate cars, pack the Troop trailer if it is being used, and be ready to leave at the specified time. The Troop will return to the City Hall parking lot on Sunday at a time announced prior to each outing.



It is a national BSA requirement that all medications, whether over-the-counter or prescription, be controlled and dispensed by a responsible adult. The only exceptions to this rule are acute medications such as an asthma inhaler or “epi-pen” for treatment of severe allergic reactions to bee stings, etc. At summer camp, one adult will be the designated medical officer and will control all medications. On weekend outings, the Scoutmaster or an adult assigned by the Scoutmaster will serve as the medical officer. To go to Forms.


Patrol Equipment:

Each Patrol will be responsible for the equipment used on outings. Tents will be taken home to be dried (if necessary), packed properly and returned to the Troop at the next scheduled Troop meeting. All other equipment is to be returned clean and properly cared for. Each Patrol has a patrol box with their cooking equipment and is responsible for its proper cleaning, care and maintenance. The Patrol Leaders and Quartermaster are responsible for all records regarding Patrol equipment.


Personal Equipment:

Scouts are to provide their own personal equipment. Troop 313 has a recommended equipment list. Personal gear should be packed in a duffel bag or backpack, properly marked with the Scout’s name. Suitcases are not acceptable substitutes. Scouts should “Be Prepared” for any type of weather.
Personal Gear List. Note: Summer Camp has a specialized list provided when that information is available.   Personal Gear List


Patrol menus are checked by Troop leadership to ensure a balanced diet. Snacks are not allowed in tents at any time. Grease from food ruins the nylon as well as attracts unwelcome critters. Soda and other high-sugar-content drinks are not permitted on outings.


What Not To Bring:

Radios, CD players, cell phones and portable electronic games (“Gameboy”, etc.) are not to be brought to any Troop or Patrol activity unless they are required for a program purpose and their use is approved by the Scoutmaster or a designated Assistant Scoutmaster, and then only for the program purpose. Cell phones for emergency use are generally available from adult leaders.


Outing Expenses and Payment Policy:


Typical Troop Outing Cost (circa 2006)

Costs vary based upon many variables. A gas fee will be included based on a formula development by the Troop Committee. That information will be included here when available.
OutingsTypePatrol CostsTroop CostsOuting- specific fees
Ropes CourseDay$10
Rock climbingDay$10
Horseback RidingDay$25
Weekend CampoutsWeekend$8 - $10$5 - $10
In-Council Summer CampWeek$185
Out-Council Summer CampWeek$250
High Adventure (Philmont, Sea Base, Canada, etc.)Week$600-$1,000



Typical outing expenses are campsite fees, activity fees, patches or other awards, gasoline (on longer outings), and cracker barrel (evening snacks).

Meals – Most of the time, each Patrol will plan its own menu and purchase its food. Typical costs are about $10.00 for weekend outings. When it is your son’s turn to buy food for his Patrol, please remind him that he will need to buy a 20-pound bag of charcoal in addition to the food. See Patrol Box Equipment list


Payment Policy

* The outing signup sheet is a commitment to pay for the expense of the outing (both Troop costs and Patrol food costs)

* Two weeks prior to an outing, the signup sheet is closed and Scouts signed up will be required to pay for the outing.

* Cash is the preferred payment method because the adult campmaster advisor will have already prepaid camp fees, etc.

* Refunds are not possible once the signup sheet is closed due to financial commitments by both the Troop and Patrol.



Each Scout will receive a summer camp packet explaining summer camp procedures. This packet is revised every year. Troop 313 requires all medical forms for Scouts and adults to be turned in to the Scoutmaster well before the camp date. Only Scouts participating in the full week of camp will receive credit for the week in camp and the camp emblem. All Scouts are strongly encouraged to attend summer camp.

FUN is the reason we go to camp. Summer camp is also a great place to work on rank advancement. There’s plenty to do for both new and older scouts.

While we visit camps in Missouri every other year, we also travel to other camps to learn about scouting in other parts of the country.

Some examples of recent summer camp locations include: