Transportation Guidelines

The Scout must sign up on the outing list by marking an “x” next to his name. Assistant Scoutmasters and other adults attending the outing should sign up and indicate whether they plan to drive and how many boys they can take. Outing signup sheets are posted on the bulletin board set up at the back of the meeting room during normal Troop meetings.

Signup sheets are normally posted at least two months in advance of the outing.
See Calendar.

1. At the troop meeting before the outing, the signup list is removed to determine transportation arrangements. If the Scout has marked that he is going, he is counted and expected to go. If he decides not to go after the list is taken down, it is his responsibility to call his Patrol Leader and the Outing Advisor as soon as he knows he is not going.

2. Each Patrol Leader should check the list before it is taken down and verify with each Scout whether or not he is going on the outing. The Patrol Leaders must have accurate counts of their Patrols a week before the outing. This is necessary for transportation and purchase of food. Once the food has been purchased for an outing, the Scouts who have signed up will be expected to pay for their portion of the food whether they go on the outing or not.

3. During the week before the outing, parents may be called and asked to drive one way to the outing (Friday evening or Saturday morning) or home from the outing (Sunday morning). If everyone takes their turn driving, everyone should have to drive only every third or fourth outing.

4. If a Scout needs alternate transportation arrangements (arriving late or leaving early), it is the Scout’s responsibility to call his Patrol Leader and the Outing Advisor and inform them of this, as well as making the necessary alternate arrangements. If there is an emergency and a parent who has volunteered to drive cannot, the Outing Advisor needs to know this as soon as possible.

5. If you know that you would be available to drive on a particular outing, please notify the Outing Advisor at least a week before the outing.

6. All Scouts are to travel to and from outings in their Field Uniform (previously referred to as Class A). The Scoutmaster may modify this requirement in special circumstances and have the Scouts travel in the Activity Uniform (previously referred to as Class B).

Unless otherwise notified, Troop 313 will leave together from the Des Peres City Hall at the specified time Friday evening or Saturday morning, per the announced schedule for the particular outing. Scouts should meet in the parking lot early enough to allow time to transfer gear to appropriate cars, pack the Troop trailer if it is being used, and be ready to leave at the specified time. The Troop will return to the City Hall parking lot on Sunday at a time announced prior to each outing.