Policies & Procedures

[revised May, 2006]
The Committee of Boy Scout Troop 313 has prepared this handbook in an effort to answer questions for Scouts and their parents regarding the Troop organization and policies. Troop 313 subscribes to the Aims and Methods of the Boy Scouts of America. Our objective is to conduct the program using these methods to achieve the aims of the Boy Scout movement and to contribute to each boy’s personal growth.

Our troop is chartered in the name of the parents of Troop 313 who are ultimately responsible for the organization and its policies. Troop 313 Handbook revised 10/2013 can be printed in its entirety.   Troop 313 Handbook


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Dues Troop Meetings Patrol Meetings
Troop T-Shirt & Neckerchief Planning Outing Attendance
Advancement Uniform Fundraisers
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Annual dues must be paid for each Scout in January of each year. This fee helps cover Troop operational costs and Boys Life magazine. A Scout may not participate in Troop activities (campouts, special events, troop and patrol meetings, etc.) unless his dues are fully paid to the Troop.

Troop and Council “Scouterships” for certain scout costs are available, please contact the Scoutmaster for details.

Troop Meetings:

Troop meetings are held at Des Peres City Hall on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Meeting times are from 7:00 until 8:30 p.m. If there is to be a change in meeting time or place, Scouts will be notified by a phone tree from the boy leadership of the Troop. All Scouts are expected to be in full Class A uniform at all Troop meetings. General announcements concerning upcoming activities are made at the end of each Troop meeting. Programs are developed for each Troop meeting by a Patrol, with program responsibility rotating among Patrols on a monthly basis. In months with a Court of Honor (those with a fifth Wednesday), the duty Patrol for that month is responsible for planning and running the Court of Honor, with assistance from the Advancement Chair of the Troop Committee.

Planning Outing:

The annual planning outing is usually held in August. The meeting generally consists of scout youth leaders. The annual calendar of activities and themes are established.

Patrol Meetings:

The patrol leaders’ council (PLC) is made up of the senior patrol leader, who presides over the meetings; the assistant senior patrol leader, all patrol leaders, and the troop guide. The PLC meets on the first Wednesday of the month.


Scouts of Troop 313 are to be in full Class A uniform at all Troop meetings and for travel to and from all Troop functions. The Class A uniform consists of the following: Scout shirt with proper patches and red epaulet loops, Scout pants (long or short), web belt or official BSA leather belt, dark leather shoes or boots, Scout socks and neckerchief (properly rolled) with slide. Attire for specific outings may be determined in accordance with weather and planned activities, but Scouts always travel in Class A uniform.

Troop T-Shirt and Neckerchief:

Upon joining, scouts receive a troop neckerchief, slide, troop patch (313) and patrol patch and Troop T-shirt. The Troop T-shirt is generally worn under the Class A uniform shirt upon leaving for and returning from each outing. It is currently green/teal in color and has the Troop 313 logo on the left breast. As of re-chartering 2007, the new neckerchief is forest green with orange piping. Troop 313 logo is embroidered on the triangle. Lost neckerchiefs or T-shirts may be purchased from the troop at prevailing prices. These items are a part of the uniform.


Attendance at Troop functions is expected of each Scout. The Advancement Committee has established that a minimum level of 40% participation in Troop activities is required for advancement.


The advancement program is an integral part of Boy Scouting. It is designed to give recognition to boys who have achieved clearly-defined objectives in accordance with the Scouting Program. The requirements are given in the Scout Handbook. Service projects must have prior approval by the Scoutmaster or a designated Assistant Scoutmaster. A Scoutmaster’s Conference and Board of Review are required for all rank advancements. The procedures and policies regarding Board of Review can be found under Rank Advancement.

Courts of Honor:

Troop 313 normally holds Courts of Honor four times per year, on the fifth Wednesday of each month which has five Wednesdays. Courts of Honor begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and are generally completed by 8:30 p.m. Their purpose is to publicly recognize each Scout’s rank advancements and merit badge achievements. Awards for participation in specific activities and outings are also presented at Courts of Honor. Parents, family and relatives normally form the audience for Courts of Honor. Even if a Scout is not receiving recognition at a particular Court of Honor, we encourage the family to attend.

Merit Badge Counselors:

The purpose of the merit badge program is twofold. It teaches Scouts to develop a relationship with adults and to learn skills in specific subject areas. Troop 313 encourages all parents to become merit badge counselors if they are familiar with a particular subject. (Parents should complete the Troop Resource Survey to identify potential areas of interest.) Merit Badge Councilors must register directly with St. Louis Area Council. Although scout registration is recommended, it is not required.


Dues are collected for Troop expenses for new equipment and repair of equipment the
Troop maintains for activities and outing. Scouts then have the opportunity to participate in optional
fundraisers where the profits may be used to pay Dues, Summer Camp, NYLT, or High Adventure Outings. The assistance of parents in supporting their Scout’s fund raising efforts encourages their son to be an active participant in supporting of their own scouting experience.

Conduct and Discipline Policy: Conduct and Discipline Policy is outlined in Appendix C of the Handbook.