Tips for Success

Follow these steps for success:

Decide which Merit Badge you wish to earn

• Select from over 120 Merit Badges offered by Boy Scouts

• Get the Merit Badge book from the Scout Shop or the Troop library

• You may work on any Merit Badge regardless of your rank. However, remember that you need a signed card and should contact the counselor before starting any work. Again, you do not have to be a particular rank to work on any Merit Badge

Get a Merit Badge card signed by Scoutmaster before you do any work

Identify and call a Merit Badge counselor to set an appointment to discuss the Merit Badge

• List of Merit Badge counselors is available in the Scout Shop or from the Scoutmaster. The counselor may be part of Troop 313 or outside the troop.

• The Scout, NOT THE PARENT, must make call

• Here’s all you need to say:

Hello, this is (your name)__________ from Boy Scout Troop 313 in Des Peres. I would like to work with you on the (merit badge name)__________ Merit Badge. I have the Merit Badge booklet, a signed merit badge card, and have read the requirements. When would be a good time to meet with you to discuss the Merit Badge and the steps I will take to earn it?

Meet with the Merit Badge counselor to discuss plans for earning the Merit Badge before doing any work towards the badge

• Full uniform

• Buddy system: have another Scout (or your parent) go with you to the meeting

• Be on time!

Work the Merit Badge with your counselor’s direction, then meet with the counselor for completion and Merit Badge card signature

• Full uniform

• This may take more than one meeting

• Some Merit Badges take 90 days to complete

• The Scout, not the parent, should do the work with the counselor

• Buddy system: have another Scout (or your parent) go with you to the meetings

• Be on time!

Have fun!

Return the signed Merit Badge card to the Scoutmaster in time to receive your Merit Badge and recognition at the next Court of Honor